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SightMaker™    *no expertise required

Run your business on the web with one tool.
Do you have products to sell online? Your full-featured ecommerce website can be up and running in only 2 days!

It's true. Instead of making you hire a developer - or become one yourself - we did all the work for you. If you can send and receive email and surf the web, you can maintain your own online store.

And we know, because we asked small business owners just like you to tell us what they wanted. Then we had them try it out, test it and tell us what worked and what didn't. We looked at what everyone else was doing - and did it better.

There is no special knowledge you need. There are no "spreadsheets" to fill out. If you like to read, there are help files. But most of the time, you won't need them. It will be obvious what you need to do.

And, most important, we made it easy for your customers to find you, find your products and buy them.

So, how do you want to spend the next few days? How about this:

day 1     Register your domain and web hosting account

day 2     Install SightMaker™
Launch your secure website (your content, our designs)
Sell your products

Okay, you want to do more? Here's what you can do in 1 more day
day 3     Promote your site with special discount emails while you
Track sales & inventory from order to payment to shipping

Just buy one program: SightMaker™. Upload it to a web host (or ask us to do that for you). Build your site. Start making money online.


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